About Us

Welcome to Bona Fide - a brand new start-up company specializing in a unique new line of leggings and shorts that creates the illusion of toned and pushed up legs and bums. We are just at the beginning of our exciting journey, and will soon be offering a larger selection of attire. Our innovative design and unique prints create visual effects that accentuate your shape. At Bona Fide, we treat each customer as a member of our family, and put our heart and soul into each and every one of you!

The mother company BonaFide was created in St. Petersburg in May 2015. The reason was the desire to create clothes that would maximize the good parts and hide shortcomings. Through various tricks, Russia's first Push-UP leggings were created, which maximally emphasized the back side. Push-up leggings - this is the card of our company.

This is the beginning of the victorious procession and the development of this brand in Russia. Later the range began to expand, there were shorts, overalls, tops, handbags, tracksuits and so on.

The main priorities of the company are:

- Maximum bright, sexy and beautiful

- Emphasize dignity in every possible way

- An endless quality race - we do not save on fabrics, threads and other materials

- With all this, remain financially accessible, otherwise, why sew such beauty, if nobody will put it on?